How to Use Your Hero’s Journey to Truly Engage

What was the biggest challenge in your career that brought you to where you are now? That’s in short your Heros’ Journey. How can you use your Hero’s Journey to create the perfect corporate story? I learned a bit more about this at The Speakers University by Andy Harrington last week in London. Andy shares stages with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. So, he knows a thing or two about how to truly engage with an audience. Totally awesome insights and knowledge that I’d like to share a bit with you here.


The Hero’s Journey

Stories have always been the reason why people do or don’t do, for centuries. Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987) our greatest mythologist and probably the best storyteller we know, designed The Hero’s Journey after studying myth’s and muses from all over the world. His methods have been translated in many forms, also for corporate use. Now you can also adapt these methods to create your own story and connect with your clients to offer a better service.


Corporate Storytelling

Within corporate storytelling it’s crucial to tell a personal challenge you went through, the journey you took to get you where you are now and the transformation it created within your life. This transformation is the starting point from where you deliver your service or product, your raisons d’être. Also the reason why prospect clients will want to work with you. The insight is to articulate what your values are, so you can help people relate and decide if they want to work with you.

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Your Core Values

Your values are the principles to your mission, the ‘path’ leading you in your Hero’s Journey. My core values are Personal Development, Knowledge and Action. I can see that throughout my career these values have helped me to move forward to the place I am now. Helping others create beautiful stories and learning how to implement their core values in them. If what you’re aiming for is to help more clients to move forward with your service or product, the Hero’s Journey can help you.


New workshop soon

I’ll be giving a new workshop that dives deeper into storytelling and engagement. We’ll start creating your personal Hero’s Journey and help you communicate it to your target audience.

You will take away:

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