Video Only For The Brave

Offcourse not. Everybody can feature in a video. The question is do you want to? If you do, but you’re  a bit shy, this blog is for you.  Video is a very strong content type. People just love watching other people. And if you’re authentic and what you have to say is interesting you don’t need a whole lot of bells and whistles. How do you create video-content, and do it well?

The Message is the Mission

Because I create content, I have first-hand sneak peeks into somebody’s most personal insecurities. And let’s be honest, everybody is a little uncertain when confronted with a camera, the media or publicity in general. 

So how come some people just ace it every time? I believe it’s because they know that what they are saying is bigger than them. If you are passionate about your work, you will be able to send a strong message. And because that message is your mission you will make sure you get it right. However, behind the scenes I’m there to hold your hand and cheer you on.

Be Your Authentic Self

In conclusion, I hope everybody tells their story with love for the target audience. Video content is a perfect way of showing your enthusiasm. A few tips to get rocking vid’s:

Natural & Soft Video Content

Check out this natural and soft video content we made with our client Wellbeing Chiropractic:

Wildheart Messages

Letter Made with Love


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